Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page! We understand that booking the best ride can sometimes raise questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at info@dbl.ltd

Frequently Asks Questions

A quote is often the initial contact you receive from our sales team when we follow up with an inquiry that came in whether it be from a phone call, email, or website request. It will show the total price of our services based on your request. Bus is not finalized at this stage yet.

When you respond to a quote and ask to book the bus, you will receive as confirmation shortly afterwards. This must be signed and return to the sales team. Bus is confirmed to be book in at this point and will require a deposit. This will be paired with the terms and conditions for additional information regarding booking with Denny’s Bus Lines.

A $250.00 deposit is due at time of booking to confirm the charter.

Payment in full must be received in our office 14 days prior to your scheduled departure date. Please keep in mind all applicable fees, such as tolls, parking, gratuity, admission, and related taxes are not included in the price quoted or confirmed and will require payment upon your return.

Denny’s Bus Lines will not cancel your bus unless there are roads closed on the route of the trip due to weather, or payment/confirmation was not received. If you need to cancel, 30 days will be fully refundable, within 30-15 days will be subject to a $250 cancellation fee, and within 14 days or less will be 100% non-refundable. Refunded back through credit card or cheque in the mail. If inclement weather is affecting your trip, we do require at least a 12 hour notice of cancellation.

We operate a fleet of 15+ Motor Coaches, 15 Charter School Buses, 70 Home to School Route Buses, 2 Sprinter Vans, 2 Mini Coaches, and 1 Wheelchair Accessible Bus to service any event you have in mind!

Denny’s is proud to maintain professional driver trainers on staff, who ensure we have trusted, and well-trained drivers on the road resulting in an excellent safety record. Our trainers consistently monitor our drivers and their history. This includes random drug and alcohol testing for all drivers, medicals, licensing, and hours of service to ensure they follow federal regulations. Driver’s also go through mandatory training, licensing, and certification in first aid and defensive driving before they start Charter work and every 3 years afterwards.

Within Canada: A driver can drive the bus up to 13 hours within a 16 hour day. To restart this on duty clock, they must be given 8 hours of uninterrupted time off. If your event were to surpass these limits, a spot driver will be added to the trip for additional costs. Within USA: A driver can drive the bus up to 10 hours within a 15 hour day. Same rules apply for spot driver. To avoid any timing issues, we suggest planning for a 12 hour day with the driver.

Passengers must ensure they have proper identification for any international travel. Canadian citizens must carry a valid Canadian passport which is valid for at least 6 months after your return date. Canadian landed immigrants travelling the USA must carry a valid passport with a valid non-immigrant visa. A valid Canadian PRC (Permanent Resident Card) is needed to return to Canada and must be in the person’s possession before boarding the coach.

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 5PM EST with a live on call employee for after hours. Should you have to contact our on-call employee you will be speaking directly to a member of our team and not an answering service. Our on-call dispatcher phone number is 519- 803-7089.

Food and drinks are allowed on board as long as everyone remains respectful to the bus and driver. Please keep in mind any damage or excessive mess will result in extra service fees.

Drinking alcohol and the smoking of cigarettes, vapes, or other substances is strictly prohibited on board the bus.
Gratuity is to the client’s discretion. If you choose to tip your driver you can offer a percentage on the invoice or give the driver payment in person at the time of the trip. Typically 10% – 20% is a good estimate.

Itineraries are important for trips that have more than one location, especially overnight trips. It needs to state all addresses of the locations the group is going too, with estimate times. This allows us to ensure the driver won’t be put into a situation where they are out of hours, and overall plan for the trip so everything runs smoothly! We require an itinerary 10 business days before your trip. Please note that changes to the itinerary during the trip may cause overtime charges to occur if the timing goes outside what is stated on the contract.

If a child is in need of a car seat or harness, it is the duty of the client to bring along the equipment and secure it to the seat. The driver cannot help due to liability.
If your bus were to break down while on route or during the trip, the driver will get in contact with dispatch immediately to send a replacement bus and/or mechanic. If you are far away from our lot, we have a ton of connections with other carriers and are always happy to help each other! We will work as fast as possible to ensure minimal delays or discomfort.
For all away trips, clients are responsible for booking the driver’s hotel accommodations. It has to be a private room and bathroom with access to a TV (no dorms or hostiles).
We pride ourselves with arriving on time in a safe manner for every client. Please be aware there are a few circumstances outside of the driver’s or dispatch’s control that may cause delays. This can be unusual traffic, bad weather, road closures, breakdowns, etc.